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Inventory of China's medical

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 From the beginning of the second half of 2012, the medical equipment industry continues to report the sound of mergers and acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions, and the merger and acquisition of medical device enterprises both inside and outside the country has been rising. Only the first half of 2013, there were 3 large mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions amount of record highs, the big money is very rare, coincidentally, these acquisitions are from the domestic medical equipment enterprises launched overseas mergers and acquisitions, this is also the domestic medical equipment companies in the domestic market to transfer: local enterprises are speeding up overseas mergers and acquisitions, to a strong signal of internationalization and diversification.

Combined with the current China's medical equipment enterprises overseas mergers and acquisitions, innovation network of medical devices to do the overall inventory, in order to understand the different path China medical devices market overseas mergers and acquisitions choice and huge market potential and opportunities.

1, MINDRAY medical acquisition of the United States Datascope company
In May 2008, MINDRAY bought $202 million for the life information monitoring service at Datascope NASDAQ:DSCP. The deal is known as Lenovo's acquisition of the IBM global PC business in the medical device industry".

Datascope, after GE, PHILPS and other giants in the United States monitor market, the main business income of care from North America, the European market has a strong sales network and service platform in the United States and Europe, after the completion of the acquisition, MINDRAY became the world's third largest brand. After the acquisition, MINDRAY completed some of the Datascope products upgrade replacement, Datascope also helped MINDRAY open direct marketing channels in the United states. In the Datascope channel, MINDRAY not only sells monitors, but also sells ultrasound and other products.

2, naton Medical Group acquisition of Finland Inion company

In December 2010, the naton medical group of Finland Inion company wholly owned subsidiary of mergers and acquisitions.
Finland Inion company was founded in 1999 and was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2003. Inion is a famous R & D and manufacturing enterprise for medical absorbable materials and products. Has been committed to the development of cutting-edge biodegradable materials, has a number of international patents, many areas of the current product line has been covering the spine and maxillofacial trauma, and sports medicine, dental, biological materials, sophisticated grasp of biodegradable and biological activity of implant materials with the core technology, has a complete intellectual property rights system, as well as the world's leading patent and process. Sales network complete coverage of European and American developed countries and Asian and African developing countries.

3, Huarun medical acquisition of the United States Aurora company

In 2011, Huarun group will be in the business of Huarun pharmaceutical armed group, wandongyiliao, 39 Brain Hospital, spin off, Huarun healthcare Co. Ltd. was established after the reorganization, business investment and management, including hospital medical equipment, financial leasing. By strengthening and expanding the medical industry, we are looking for a new growth point for Huarun's future. Huarun medical was established after the acquisition of the children's Hospital of Kunming, investment in 2011 to $100 million acquisition of a wholly-owned Aurora company in America, the global leader in breast MRI (nuclear magnetic resonance) special equipment R & D and manufacturing business.

Aurora imaging technology Ltd is a privately owned company located in Massachusetts, North Andover, the company is committed to the conquest of breast cancer, breast magnetic resonance to manufacture the highest quality and most cost-effective solutions, heart cooperation treatment of breast cancer the most outstanding and growing with the United States, to provide the ultimate in breast cancer detection, diagnosis, biopsy and treatment. In the United States, Europe and Asia, the clinical breast cancer treatment center using the Aurora breast magnetic resonance system has been growing rapidly.

4, Neusoft Group acquired Israel Aerotel company

In April 14, 2011, Neusoft group announced its wholly owned subsidiary of Neusoft (Europe) Co. Ltd. will subscribe Medical Israel Aerotel Systems price of $66.02 per share (1998) 26915 ordinary shares of the new issue of Ltd., the amount of $1 million 777 thousand, accounting for Aerotel after the issuance of the issued shares of 30.77%.
Aerotel's main business is to provide patients with remote medical diagnosis, health care, care and other solutions. It has advanced technology research and development team and extensive sales network, and its customers are distributed in more than 40 countries and regions worldwide. Neusoft group to Aerotel company marketing network, products and research and development personnel and other resources can form a synergistic effect of globalization, and Neusoft's existing business, rich company hee Kang health services product line, is a good combination of software technology, medical equipment and Internet services to integrate resources, longitudinal medical institutions, for the government, enterprises and individual users including preventive health care, remote monitoring, medical treatment, health care service life cycle. Promote Neusoft group in Asia Pacific and global business development.

5, Le general medical acquisition of Holland Comed company

In November 15, 2011, universal health care and its subsidiaries, world peace and harmony jointly invested 5 million 500 thousand euros in the establishment of Coop company in Holland. Subsequently, through Coop company to 1 million 390 thousand and 372 euros to Comed company's existing shareholders to buy 40% stake, while Coop company to 3 million 475 thousand and 930 euros to Comed company capital increase, get 50% of the equity, the original equity is diluted 1/2. After the capital increase is completed, Le universal medical company holds 70% stake in Comed company through Coop.


Comed company was established in 2000, registered capital of 27000 euros, the main business for cardiovascular interventional and surgical medical equipment sales, the main agent of European products, exported to Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, South America and other regions. Comed has extensive experience in product registration, clinical trials, sales and marketing in the field of cardiovascular intervention, and has a large number of doctors, registries, CRO and agent resources. In 2010, Comed company's business amounted to 7 million 800 thousand euros, nearly 6 years, annual sales revenue CAGR of 28.3%. In 2010 and the first half of 2011, Comed achieved a net profit of 1 million 990 thousand yuan and 4 million 658 thousand yuan respectively. The company is in the internationalization of the road to try new ROPV mergers and acquisitions of overseas distributors, product certification in the face of short-term bottleneck conditions, the acquisition of Comed will help the company to expand the overseas market, enhance the brand and accelerate the speed of product certification. First of all, the company has certified varieties can be sold directly through the Comed channels, broaden the sales market, and achieved rapid breakthroughs in overseas sales performance.

6, Jinjiang electronics acquisition of the United States Cardima company

The second half of 2011, Chengdu private enterprises in Sichuan Jinjiang electronic technology limited company spent 80 million yuan acquisition of California Kadima (Cardima) medical equipment company. In February 18, 2011, Jinjiang electronics took part in a bankruptcy auction at the US bankruptcy court, Oakland branch, North California, and won the auction, winning all the assets of the bankrupt American Cardima company.
Cardima company is a high-tech company with high popularity in designing, researching and selling medical instruments. It is mainly used in the treatment of atrial fibrillation and is the world leader in interventional consumables. The company has more than 150 world advanced proprietary technology to intervene in consumable products. Cardima company has been listed on the Nasdaq stock market in recent years, due to mistakes in decision-making, such as the human body data collection is not congruent difficulties a product developed by its application in the United States Food and drug administration process, leading to subsequent capital operation is out of control, and at the end of 2010 to apply for bankruptcy. Jinjiang electronics as a production of cardiac radiofrequency ablation apparatus and other high-tech medical instruments enterprises, this acquisition is helpful to extend the production chain of the company, the production of its existing treatment equipment matching high-end customers in.

7, Fosun Pharmaceutical acquisition of Israel Alma Lasers company

April 26, 2013, Fosun Pharma will join the Fosun - Baode letter China opportunities fund jointly funded not more than 240 million U.S. dollars, the acquisition of Israeli Alma Lasers Ltd. company (Alma company) at most 95.6% stake.

Founded in 1999, Alma is the world's leading manufacturer of medical, laser, photon, radio frequency and ultrasonic instruments. It has a relatively comprehensive product system in the industry. The R & D and production headquarters are located in Caesarea, a high-tech city in Israel, and has a North American market support center in Chicago. The company has the international leading core research and development capability in the field of medical beauty equipment manufacturing, and has established a global leading brand in the market segments, and its performance has maintained sustained and rapid growth. Over the past ten years, Alma has been outstanding, with sales of nearly $100 million in 2012. According to independent third party reports, Alma has accounted for 15% of the world's high-end beauty power equipment market share. Alma entered China in 2003 and became a leader in the Chinese market for high-end medical beauty laser instruments.

8, MINDRAY medical acquisition of the United States Zonare company

In June 13, 2013, Shenzhen MINDRAY announced a final agreement with the US ZONARE Medical Systems Inc (ZONARE), a US ultrasound diagnostic system manufacturer, to buy the latter for $105 million.
ZONARE is a U.S. company in the field of radiology is committed to the development of high-end ultrasound technology and has 14 years of operating history of the ultrasound equipment products leader, its unique ZONE-Sonography core image technology, for many years in the world of high-end radiation field has always been at the leading position in technology, because of its excellent image quality and good sales network, the ZONARE has long been in the United States before the five high-end ultrasound radiation field. The acquisition is to become MINDRAY officially enter the high-end Ultrasound Market milepost style action, MINDRAY through the acquisition of hope with the help of ZONARE advanced ultrasound technology and market network, expand the coverage of MINDRAY company in the field of ultrasonic imaging products, and promotion in emerging markets and China area; at the same time, the manufacturing cost advantage through MINDRAY products, to further reduce ZONARE the cost of production. The deal was also the tenth takeover of MINDRAY in Shenzhen, and its second acquisition in the United states.

9, minimally invasive medical acquisition of the United States Wright Medical company

In June 18, 2013, minimally invasive medical announced with the Wright company (Wright Medical Group, Inc) officially signed, with cash of $290 million acquisition of its OrthoRecon (joint reconstruction business) and its related assets. Under the deal, minimally invasive will receive each other's OrthoRecon operations division, which is responsible for the sale of hip and knee implants. At the same time, this transaction is also China's medical equipment industry's largest overseas acquisition case.
Wright's joint reconstructive business focuses on the research, development, production and marketing of implants for hip and knee implants, with global sales of $2012 in 269 million. Its joint reconstruction business's brands include the DYNASTY? And CONSERVE? Hip implant products, PROFEMUR? Modular products, SUPERPATH? Minimally invasive hip surgery instruments, ADVANCE? And EVOLUTION? Knee implants, etc.. According to the relevant industry research shows that in 2012 the global artificial hip joint and knee joint market size of about $14 billion, in the China annual growth rate of about 17%, is expected to 2018 China artificial hip joint and knee joint market scale will reach $1 billion 300 million.

10 、 MINDRAY medical acquisition Australia distributor Ulco Medical Ltd

In September 13, 2013, Shenzhen MINDRAY announced the acquisition of an Australian based MINDRAY distributor Ulco Medical Ltd.
Founded in 1964, Ulco is known for providing innovative, reliable and quality medical products. Prior to the acquisition of 2007, Ulco has been a distributor of MINDRAY life information and support products. Under the acquisition agreement, MINDRAY will receive Ulco mature sales and after-sales service channels in the Oceania market, MINDRAY will also use its global resource platform to support the future development of Ulco in this market. After the completion of the acquisition, Ulco will become MINDRAY Australia branch, and changed its name to "Mindray Medical Australia", while maintaining the existing operations unchanged. MINDRAY expects Ulco to improve its sales channels and after-sales service capabilities, will help further enhance MINDRAY's market performance in Australia, New Zealand and other Oceania islands.

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