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What is the difference between a syringe pump and an infusion pump?

Date:2021-05-08 17:09:25     Click: 439
The syringe pump is an intelligent injection device that can accurately, uniformly and continuously inject drugs into the body, strictly control the dosage of the drug, ensure the best effective concentration of the drug, reasonably adjust the injection speed of the drug, and continuously inject various Urgently needed drugs reduce the occurrence of complications.

Features of Syringe Pump:
1. Accuracy: MR series syringe pump can automatically identify 5, 10, 20, 30, 50/60 ml syringes of different brands, and 15 different brands of syringes at home and abroad are built-in to ensure the accuracy of infusion.
2. Safety: The extension tube falling off alarm system: monitors the application status at all times to prevent the risk of invalid infusion and patient blood outflow, and protect the safety of the patient. Obstruction detection system: 15 levels of obstruction, reduce the necrosis or irritation of the subcutaneous tissue caused by the output blood vessels of special medications, and ensure the safety of infusion. Blocking pressure release function: When the extension tube or the pump is blocked, the syringe pump will release the pressure for the first time, reducing the risk of intravenous injection.
3. Ease of use: Numeric keyboard: It can be operated more conveniently and quickly. Linkage mode: The dual-channel syringe pump has a cascade function, which can continuously administer drugs and reduce clinical workload. TFT LCD display: It can be viewed from a long distance. English version: English version of the operation interface is provided, which is convenient for overseas customers to operate.
The infusion pump is an intelligent infusion device that can accurately control the number of infusion drops or the flow rate of the infusion, and ensure that the medicine can enter the patient's body accurately and safely at a uniform speed. The infusion pump is simple to operate, accurate and reliable infusion, and can effectively reduce the work intensity of clinical nursing.

Its main functions are:
1. Display and set the brand, model, and infusion parameters of the infusion set.
2. The cumulative amount of infusion and the cumulative time are displayed alternately.
3. After the infusion is completed, the flow rate is automatically adjusted to maintain the open flow rate of the vein.
4. Bubbles can be quickly discharged before operation, and the infusion speed can be adjusted according to clinical needs during operation.
5. It has the function of drip control and prevention of abnormal infusion.

Its specific systems are:
1. Low temperature alarm: when the ambient temperature is too low, immediately remind medical staff to take measures.
2. Obstruction detection: 25 levels of obstruction, minimize subcutaneous tissue necrosis or irritation.
3. Accuracy compensation: Accumulate infusion data in complex environments to use accurate infusion in different medical environments.

4. Historical record query: query usage, alarm data, etc. in the device.

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