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What is a target controlled pump?

Date:2021-05-08 17:13:02     Click: 415

Target-controlled pump is based on pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics to establish a drug model and give patients intravenous anesthesia. Induced anesthesia is more stable, the anesthesia process is safer, and it is easy to control the change of the drug during the anesthesia process, and it can calculate the postoperative awakening, so that the awakening is faster and more thorough. Reduce the physical and mental workload of the anesthesiologist, and buffer the intraoperative risks.

Controlled infusion is based on the theory of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. The computer is used to simulate the process and effect of the drug in the body, and find the most reasonable medication plan, and then control the drug injection pump to achieve the drug plasma concentration or The effect site concentration is stable at the expected value, so as to control the depth of anesthesia, and adjust the drug delivery system at any time according to clinical needs. Target controlled infusion can quickly and steadily reach the target concentration, so the hemodynamics is stable during the induction of anesthesia, the depth of anesthesia during the operation is easy to adjust, and the patient's recovery and recovery time can be predicted after the operation is stopped. It is easy to use, accurate, and reliable. Good control. Due to the error of the pharmacokinetic model and the individual differences of patients, there will be a certain error between the target control concentration and the patient's measured plasma concentration, but in fact the change of the target control concentration is related to clinical pharmacodynamic indicators such as blood pressure and heart rate. , Dual Frequency Index (BIS) has a good correlation, so the impact of this systematic error can be ignored.
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